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Did you know that hair cut off during your appointment at Honeycomb (no matter the length) can be repurposed by creating hair-mats that absorb oil spills in our oceans?


Honeycomb Salon has partnered with the Green Circle Salon movement! As a Green Circle Salon we recycle nearly 95% of all the waste created during your salon appointment. Foils, chemical waste, paper and plastic, EVEN HAIR that was once destined to our landfills and water ways are now recycled in an Earth conscious manner at Honeycomb Salon. We believe that sustainability is a responsibility, not a luxury.

A $1.00 Environmental Stewardship Fee will be added to all hair services to make this green conversion possible. We thank you for your participation and your support in keeping this world beautiful!

Our commitment to the environment further extends to our choice of hair care products to use and recommend during your hair appointment. Our Pureology hair care products are 100% vegan (No animal products or bio-products and no animal testing!) and the beautiful packaging is made of post-consumer recycled materials and in water conserving facilities. The entire life of the products from manufacturing to consumer use is designed to be as eco-friendly as possible.

We are dedicated to creating beautiful hair while taking care of our beautiful planet.


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