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How To Make Your Lash Extensions Last Longer

We've compiled a list of some of our hottest tips for getting the most out of your lash extensions! Lash extensions are an investment and at The Hive we really believe in setting you up for success so your investment lasts you longer! Try out these 9 things and enjoy your lashes more than ever!

Sleep facing up or on your side When you sleep face down you can add stress onto your lashes that can cause them to prematurely shed. Avoid eyeliner whenever possible Avoiding excessive eye makeup means you aren't needing to scrub your lash line as much, which will help your lashes stay in tact longer! This includes mascara The good thing is, you shouldn't need mascara once you have lash extensions! If you have classic lash extensions, you may use mascara sparingly, but like we mentioned above, it does mean you'll need to cleanse your lashes more harshly than if you avoid mascara. If you have volume lash extensions, avoid mascara all together. It can actually clump your lash fans together making them look less full and adding more stress onto them.

No more lash curlers Again, you shouldn't need a lash curler because our Estheticians at The Hive can give you more of a curl with your lash extensions! Curling your lash extensions at home can break down your set of extensions quickly. Dry your lashes with cool air Some people may prefer to use their blowdryer to dry their lashes and reset your fans after washing. When you do this, make sure you are using a cool air setting or low air flow. Resist your urge to rub your eyes Rubbing you eyes will cause lash fallout very quickly. Make sure you are using your eyelash wand that your lash artist at The Hive will give you, but avoid rubbing with your hands. Avoid cotton pads The cotton fibers can get stuck to your extensions which cause you to pull on them more to remove the left over debris. Instead, use a cotton bud with a precision tip to get in the hard to reach areas. Avoid saunas, steam rooms, and excessive heat Excessive heat can lead to lash fallout quickly. This includes camp fires and ovens as well. Avoid oil based cleansers Oil based cleansers can weaken the adhesive and cause lash extensions to loosen from your natural lashes. Your lash artist at The Hive can recommend a lash-safe cleanser to use at home.

At The Hive in Downtown Corvallis, we offer classic and volume lash extensions and several different fill options depending on how much time has passed since your last set. Our lash artists will assist you in choosing the ideal length, thickness, and curl pattern for your desired look and for the health of your natural lashes. If you'd like to reserve a lash extension appointment at The Hive you can give us a call at (541) 230-1217 or book online at


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