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Spring Break Vacation Lash Care You May Not Know

With Spring Break around the corner and then summer coming soon, we're sharing some lash care tips for when you're on vacation mode! Lash extensions are perfect for those vacation days when you don't want to be fussing with makeup, but there are a few aspects of vacation mode that can be tougher on your lashes. These quick tips will keep your lashes looking their best!

Keep oily sunscreens away from your lashes Check your sunscreens because oily products can weaken the adhesive and cause your extensions to disconnect from your natural lashes. Dab, don't rub When you get out of the water make sure you dab your lashes dry rather than rubbing. Excessive rubbing can cause your extensions to pop off and damage your natural lashes. Keep hot tubbing to a minimum Sad, we know! But the steam from the hot tub can also weaken the adhesive causing premature shedding. Keep your hot tubing sessions shorter and try to sit with your legs in the water rather than your whole body where you lashes are closer to the steam. Cleanse your lashes after swimming in salt water Salt water can cause your lashes to stick together which add extra stress to your natural lashes and make your extensions look clumpy. Make sure when you get out of the ocean or a salt water pool that you cleanse your lashes and gently comb after wards with the lash brush provided by your lash artist at The Hive. To reserve a lash extension appointment at The Hive, give us a call at (541) 230-1217 or reserve your appointment online at



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