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How to Minimize Pain During your Brazilian Wax

This may be the best thing you read today! We have some tips on how to get your least painful Brazilian Wax yet! No coffee beforehand. Sorry! The stimulants in coffee make your skin extra sensitive causing unneeded pain. Plan the time of the month. The best time to get your Brazilian Wax is just after your period has ended when your natural pain threshold is higher. Exfoliate beforehand. This can help remove any dry or dead skin that can make it harder for the wax to pick up hair, meaning your appointment will be quicker. Use a numbing spray about 30 minutes before hand. Do not use ice to numb the area. This will tighten up the pores and actually make it more difficult to wax. Take a warm bath. Like we mentioned above, you want your pores open for easier hair removal. Make sure the hair is the right length. The ideal length is 1/4 inch. Shorter than that and it can be more difficult for the wax to pick up the hair. Breathe. When you tense up it can actually cause more unnecessary pain. Take a big breathe before every pull. Don't wax if you have a sunburn. Just, ouch. Stop shaving. Shaving can make the hair more resistant to waxing. Commit to waxing, once you're on a regular schedule you'll find that the maintenance appointments are less painful. At The Hive we even have a waxing membership for those guests who are ready to commit. Our Pass to Wax Membership is only $20.00 a month and you'll get $20 off a body waxing service every month plus 10% off additional waxing, 10% off product purchases, and 20% off any services you haven't tried yet at The Hive. How about a massage or a facial?

Wear loose clothing from the waste down to avoid any discomfort afterwards. See an expert waxer. Our Estheticians at The Hive are trained in quick waxing. Brazilian waxing is one of our most popular services, so you know you're in the hands of experienced professionals. To reserve your waxing appointment or to sign up for our Pass to Wax Membership, give us a call at (541) 230-1217 or book online at


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